• Guglielmina Clarici
    Painter, Art Teacher and Poet
    An artist linked to tradition with roots in the Renaissance,
    always looking for Beauty


Conciergerie in Paris

In 1990 Guglielmina Clarici performed inside the Conciergerie in Paris, works with the technique of "Buon Fresco" obtaining unanimous consents of criticism and authorities.


During the summer of 1993 she was in Sicily, in Sciacca, to work on a fresco she had designed in the hall of an important villa.

Church of S. Pancrazio

In 2002, Guglielmina Clarici made two paintings for the Baptismal Chapel of the Church of S. Pancrazio, from the 16th century, in Isola Farnese (Rome).

RUFA - Rome University of Fine Arts

From 1997 to 2000 he taught painting and drawing at the RUFA Academy of Art - www.unirufa.it - in Rome, where, in 1999 he was also professor of "Pictorial Techniques" in the academic course of Painting. He also participates in the exhibition "The Teacher and the Student" held in the premises of the Academy itself. In the academic year 2000-2001 he held the chair of Decoration at the same Academy.

UPTER - Popular University of Rome

In 2005 he was invited to teach in a drawing and painting course at UPTER Università Popolare di Roma. Teaching activity that continues for another ten years.

Middlebury College

In the summer of 2007 he was invited to Middlebury College, Vermont (USA), to give lessons on the "Buon Fresco" technique. The fresco that Guglielmina Clarici performs during the lessons and realized on a mobile panel, is then donated to the museum of the same University. Also during his stay, he is also invited to give a lecture on Michelangelo's paintings performed inside the Sistine Chapel, as well as the restorations made on the frescoes themselves, during the eighties / nineties. In the execution of the fresco realized during the lessons GC prefers to remain in the theme of the characters of the Sistine Chapel.

Borgo Rinascimento

Guglielmina Clarici is also president of the cultural association "Borgo Rinascimento", International School of Art, based in Farnese, in Tuscia, where her main study is also located.



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Prof. Guglielmina Clarici